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Area Attractions

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Must see attractions

Formosa Bay Resort is surrounded by a fantastic selection of attractions.

The Resort offers many activities to keep the entire family entertained, but there are still plenty of nearby attractions to explore during your stay.

Some of those include Plettenberg Game Reserve, Tsitsikamma National Park and Canopy Tours, Africanyon, Face Adrenalin Bloukrans Bungee, Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary and Hog Hollow Horse Trails to name but a few.

Not to be missed

Our Top Suggestions


5 min drive

Plettenberg Bay, with its 35 km of stunning Indian Ocean coastline and 15 km of untouched sandy beaches, is home to some of South Africa's finest beaches. Plett beaches, a year-round hotspot for outdoor activities, have been consistently nominated and even won 'Africa's Leading Beach Destination' in 2020. Not just for sunbathing, these beaches are also a surfer's paradise, boasting some of the country's best waves.


19 min drive

Explore the Garden Route with AfriCanyon's thrilling adventure. This experience combines the stunning surrounds of Plettenberg Bay with adrenaline-inducing canyoning in the secluded valleys of The Crags. Navigate river shallows, slide down natural water slides, zip-line over mountain pools, swim through fresh water, abseil around magnificent waterfalls, and delve into the scenic river gorge.

Offshore Adventures - Swimming with the Seals

5 min drive

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the accomplished team at Offshore Adventures. This thrilling, ninety-minute adventure commences with an exhilarating beach launch into the resplendent sea, followed by an awe-inspiring boat ride along the picturesque coastline to the Cape fur seal colony. There, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to snorkel and engage with the ocean's most delightful characters, witnessing them frolic and swim freely in their natural habitat. Your adventure awaits!

Plettenberg Game Reserve

23 min drive

The Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve offers the luxury, convenience, and professional game activities in one of the south's largest reserves. Enjoy game drives or horseback safaris through stunning bushveld, spotting a variety of wildlife including lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, kudus, elands and numerous antelope species. The reserve is also home to over 101 bird species.

Face Adrenalin Bloukrans Bungee

31 min drive

The bungy jump takes place from the top of the arch of Africa's biggest bridge. To get out to the jump point you're sent out on a zipline from the bank to the arch. From there, it's time for your bungy jump - the world's best bungy! Two more unique experiences happen in order to get you back to land. First of all, you are offered a winch ride back up to the top of the arch after your jump. Then you get to walk the suspended skywalk back off the bridge. The walkway is bolted to the underside of the road deck 216 meters above the Bloukrans River, with spectacular views and a final exposure to the full height of the bridge.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

11 min drive

For activities in Plettenberg Bay, visit Jukani, a sanctuary for rescued big cats like Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas, and Jaguars. These animals, previously from facilities that couldn't care for them, now roam large habitats tailored to their needs, free from exploitation and human-induced stress. Here, you can admire and photograph these majestic creatures in their natural glory.

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

21 min drive

Located near Plettenberg Bay, Monkeyland is the first free-roaming primate sanctuary, hosting over 550 primates including Capuchin Monkeys, Lemurs, Gibbons, and Howler Monkeys. Their 'monkey safaris' offer a unique view from our 128-meter suspension bridge through the forest canopy. Besides the tour, Monkeyland features a restaurant, souvenir shop, and viewing deck. The multi-lingual tour guides cater to speakers of English, Afrikaans, German, French, and Spanish.

Birds of Eden

21 min drive

Birds of Eden, an award-winning sanctuary, houses over 3500 birds from 220 distinct species. The sanctuary offers a large, natural habitat for previously caged birds to experience free-flight. The bird population is a mix of exotic and African species, including previously caged pets, hand-reared, and imprinted individuals. This explains the tame demeanor of certain species like the 60 different types of parrots. All newcomers undergo rehabilitation before their final release into the main aviary, as most have a history of living in restricted environments.

Robberg Nature Reserve

13 min drive

Robberg Nature Reserve, a World Heritage Site and National Monument in Plettenberg Bay, is a globally recognized peninsula known for its prehistoric rocks, Stone Age artefacts, and rich biodiversity. Offering a variety of hiking trails, each with unique beauty and varied difficulty, it provides an unparalleled coastal experience. Its historical significance and diverse wildlife make it a must-visit destination, often prompting return visits.

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre

23 min drive

Tenikwa, a key attraction on the Garden Route, showcases the diversity and allure of Africa's premier wildlife. Beyond housing these animals, Tenikwa also rehabilitates rescued creatures and offers visitors the chance to interact with unique species during tours. Located in the picturesque Crags near Plettenberg Bay and just over 30 minutes from Knysna, Tenikwa started in 2002 as a bird rehabilitation shed and has expanded into a large facility caring for birds, land, and marine animals. Its hospital treats 200-400 animals annually, making Tenikwa a treasure for animals and their human admirers.

Hog Hollow Horse Trails

21 min drive

Tsitsikamma, a stunning part of South Africa's Garden Route, is renowned for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity, making it a popular destination in the Western Cape. Horseback riding with Hog Hollow Horse Trails offers a unique way to immerse oneself in this beauty, experiencing the fragrant fynbos, ferns, and warm sunshine. The well-trained horses guide you through the Western Cape's signature forests, mountains, and valleys, providing a quintessential Tsitsikamma experience.

Tsitsikamma National Park and Canopy Tours

57 min drive

Swing through the treetops of Tsitsikamma (an ancient San term for 'place of abundant water'), a home to diverse South African wildlife. This conservation area shelters over 116 types of giant trees like Outeniqua Yellowwood, Stink Wood, and others, all supporting unique fauna. On this eco-tour, glide through the vibrant canopy, fully harnessed and helmeted, on engineered cables, possibly spotting rare birds like the Knysna Loerie and Narina Trogon.

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